Havells Enviro GTi 11000TX - 11 KW Three Phase On-Grid Inverter

Havells Enviro GTi 11000TX - 11 KW Three Phase On-Grid Inverter

Brand: havells

Category: Solar Inverter

Approximate Price

₹ 85,000

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Product Description

• 7 years warranty
• Single and Dual MPPT for optimum generation
• Wide Input Voltage Range
• Maximum 98.2% Inverter Efficiency
• In-Built 25 Year Data Storage Capability
• Remote Monitoring – free for 25 years
• 10.16 cm (4”) LCD display
• Detachable cover for easy installation & maintenance
• Safety Protection- Anti islanding, Ground Fault monitoring
• Anti Reverse Power Controller - zero export (Optional)
• IEC Certification - As per MNRE

Technical Description

Input (DC)

Model Enviro GTi 11000TX
Max. DC power for single MPPT 8800 W (800 V-850 V)
Number of independent MPPT 2
Number of DC inputs 1 for each MPPT
Max. input voltage 1000 V
Start-up input voltage 180 V
Rated input voltage 600 V
MPPT voltage range 160 V - 960 V
Full load DC voltage range 480 V - 850 V
Max. input current per MPPT 11 A / 11 A
Input short circuit current for each Mppt 14 A

Output (AC)

Rated Power 10000 W
Max. AC Power 11000 VA
Max. AC Output Current 15.9 A
Nominal Grid Voltage 3/N/PE, 230 /400 Vac
Grid Voltage Range 184~276 V (According to local standard)
Nominal Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Grid Frequency Range 50 Hz, +/-5 Hz (According to local standard)
Active power adjustable range 0~100%
THDi <3%
Power factor 1 ( adjustable +/-0.8)
Power Limit export Zero export or adjustable power limit export


Max. efficiency 98.3%
Weighted eff. (EU/CEC) 98%
Self-consumption at night <1 W
Feed-in start power 50 W
MPPT efficiency >99.9%


DC Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
DC Switch optional
Protection class/overvoltage catagory I/III
Input / output MOV (III) Yes
Safety protection Anti islanding, RCMU, Ground fault monitoring
Certification IEC 62116, IEC 61727, IEC 61683, IEC 60068 (1,2,14,30), IEC 62109-1/2, IEC 61000.
SPD MOV : Type III standard


Power management unit According to certification and request
Standard Communication Mode RS485,WiFi/GPRS (optional), SD card
Operation Data Storage 25 years

General Data

Ambient temperature range -25° C~+60° C
Topology Transformerless
Degree of protection IP65
Allowable relative humidity range 0....100 % no condensing
Max. operating altitude 2000 m
Noise <29 dB
Weight 22 kg
Cooling Natural 
Dimension 483 mm x 452 mm x 200 mm
Display LCD display
Warranty 7 years

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