Kirloskar 370Wp Mono PERC Solar Panel (Pack of 8)

Kirloskar 370Wp Mono PERC Solar Panel (Pack of 8)

Brand: Kirloskar

Category: Solar Panel

Approximate Price

₹ 75,000

plus 12% GST

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Product Description

  • Positive power tolerance (Up to +3%)
  • PID Resistant Modules with Long-term Reliability
  • High Salt Mist Corrosion Resistance
  • Outstanding Performance in Low-light Irradiance Environment
  • Excellent Mechanical Load Resistance withstand High Wind Loads (2400Pa) and Snow Load (5400Pa)
  • Highly reliable Anti-reflective coated glass and surface texturing allow for excellent performance.

Technical Description

Brand Kirloskar
Material PERC
Type of Solar Panel Mono Perc
Type of Solar Mono Panel Mono Perc
Warranty 10 - 25 Years**
Wattage 370 Wp
Performance Warranty 10 - 25 Years**


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