Microtek M-sun 2KW/36V MPPT Based Solar off-grid Inverter


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Microtek International Private Limited





Solartrade Partner
Product Description
  • MPPT based State-of-the-art Latest Technology for Optimum Performance.
  • Pure Sine wave Output to run all Sophisticated Appliances.
  • Priority Selection Option for Solar / Battery / Grid
  • Option to Enable and Disable Grid Charging
  • Peak Output Power handling capacity.
  • Intelli Overload sense with Short Circuit Protection.
  • Battery Deep Discharge Protection.
Wave Type Pure Sine Wave
Charger Technology MPPT (latest)
Solar panel current 40 amps
Solar panel VOC 45V -130V
Transfer Time ≤ 12 msec.
Mains Re-Connect / Dis-Connect Voltage 35.4 V  & 43 V
Voltage Window

100 V – 300V (Standard)

180V – 260 V (Narrow)

Protections Short Circuit, High voltage, Low battery shutdown
Running Power Fans (5-6), Lights (10-15), Television (2), Refrigerator 500 L (1), Desktop / Laptop (5)
Capacity 2 kva
Battery System 36 V (three battery)
Battery support 80 Ah ~ 200 Ah
Panel Support 2000 Wp
Battery Full charging time 6- 8 hours

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