Patanjali Solar Panel 260 Watt - 24 Volt Poly Module (Pack of 2)

Patanjali Solar Panel 260 Watt - 24 Volt Poly Module (Pack of 2)

Brand: Patanjali

Category: Solar Panel

Approximate Price

₹ 17,500

plus 12% GST

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Product Description

  • Mono and polycrystalline modules
  • Made of high-grade raw material
  • Automated module manufacturing line production
  • Modules range from 5WP to 340 WP
  • 100 % EL tested modules to ensure defect free modules
  • Durable and sturdy build
  • Superior low light irradiation performance – 200W/m²
  • Upto 17.8% efficiency
  • IEC & BIS certified modules
  • 25-year Manufacturer Warranty

Technical Description

Peak power, (0~ + 4.99 Wp) Pmax (Wp) 260
Maximum voltage, Vmpp (V) 31.11
Maximum current, lmpp (A) 8.38
Open Circuit Voltage, Voc (V) 38.01
Short circuit current, Isc (A) 8.99
Module efficiency (%) 16.46
Solar Cells Per Module 60
Length (L) x Width (W) x Thickness (T) 1641x991x35
Weight in Kg 18 kg ±  0.500 Kg
Junction Box IP 67/IP 68 3 Bypass diodes
Cable and Connectors 1000mm/1200mm length cables and MC4 Connectors
Application Class Class A (Safety Class II)
Superstrate High Transmittance ARC Glass
Cells 60 Polycrystalline Solar Cut Cells
Cell Encapsulant EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)
Back Sheet Composite Film
Frame Anodized Aluminium Frame with twin wall profile
Mechanical Load Test 5400 Pa-front : 2400 Pa-back
Maximum Series Fuse Rating 15A
Maximum System Voltage 1000/1500 V
Product Warranty 10 Years


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