Smarten MPPT PCU Superb 2500/24V

Smarten MPPT PCU Superb 2500/24V

Brand: Smarten

Category: Solar Inverter

Approximate Price

₹ 15,000

plus 12% GST

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Product Description

Smarten Superb 2500 is a mppt based solar power conditioning unit (PCU). It is one of best choice solar inverter in 2.5 kva range that works with 2 batteries. Instead of buying normal inverter, It is strongly recommended to buy mppt based pcu. It supports upto 2KW solar panels

Technical Description

Capacity : 2.5 KVA

Inbuilt charge controller : Mppt

Max. panel support : 1500 -1800 watt panels

Max. PV voltage : 85 volt

No. of batteries required : 2 (100 – 220 Ah)

Display type : LCD

Weight : 20 kg

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