Standard 3 KW On-Grid Solar Kit

Standard 3 KW On-Grid Solar Kit

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Category: Solar Kit

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₹ 180,675

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Product Description

Technical Description

Item Specification Make QTY
Solar Panel MNRE Approved Waaree/Renewsys/Adani As Per Watt
Inverter Solar Grid Tie inverter with MPPt trackers & islanding protection Growatt/Polycab/Goodwe/Waaree 1
ACDB 1 Phase 16A 2 Pole MCB ABB Make, Encloser Trinity Make, SPD Phonix Make Sunseed/JP/MEA/Equi. 1
DCDB 1 in 1 out (15A DC Fuse with DC SPD 600VDC Phonix/MerSen Make Sunseed/JP/MEA/Equi. 1
Wi-Fi Monitoring System     1
AC Cable 1.5 Copper Cable 2 Core Flexible Waaree/Polycab/Equ 35
DC Cable 4 Sq. mm Waaree/Polycab/Equ 40
MC-4 Connector Male & Female MNRE Approved 4
Lighting Arrester Copper 1MTR with Base Plate Protectwell Earthing/Equi. 1
Earthing Electrod Copper Bounded 14MM*1Mtr Protectwell Earthing/Equi. 3
Net & Gen. Meter 1 Phase Secure/Hpl&T/Genus 1
Cable Tie  300mm Standard 100
Insulation Tape Red and Black color Standard 3
Metal Screw 1.5'' Standard 10
Conduct Pipe 25mm Standard 5
Earthing Cable 1 Core Waaree/Polycab/Equ. 100
Strip 25*3mm Standard 0

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