SunGrow 15 KW Single Phase On-Grid Inverter


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Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd.





Solartrade Partner
Product Description
  • High Yield
  • Multi MPPT with three level topology so peak efficiency of 98.9 %, Maximum in Inverter Industry.
  • 10% Extra power on AC Side up to 45 degree.
  • Up to 40 % Loading on DC Side for increasing generation.
  • Integrated DC combiner box and DC/AC overvoltage protection so need to put additional String combiner Box.
  • Anti-PID Recovery concept for protecting from module degradation.
  • Forced Air cooling technology for fast cooling and longer life of product.
  • Easy O &M
  • Compact design and light weight for easy installation
  • Latest Bluetooth technology-for fast and quick on-site monitoring.
  • Plug-in design of IP68 fan and SPD, convenient for on-site maintenance
  • Integrated string current monitoring function for fast trouble shooting
  • Angular/Horizontal Installation as per site dimensions
  • Remote firmware updating for parameter setting and firmware
  • Grid Support
  • Active & reactive power control and power ramp rate control
  • Night SVG for reactive power supply.
  • Compatible with all market available third party dataloggers/RTUs.

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