ZunSolar Power Plus ZR 40Ah 12 Volt Solar Battery




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Product Description

This 40Ah 12 volt solar battery from ZunSolar is based on Tubular Plate Technology and is ideal for off-grid solar power systems with low load. The battery is C10 and thus charges and discharges within 10 hours. The battery comes with a 5-year warranty and occupies very less floor space. The battery works on the technology of deep cycle of discharge that provides sustained power over a long period and makes the battery run reliably. It also has microporous separators and vent plugs, which make the water topping up requirement very low.This battery is a product of ZunSolar which provides people with high-quality solar solutions. ZunSolar engineers the best designs with a promise by top IITians. It has developed a reputation as a top Indian solar product company and has been revolutionizing the solar energy industry through an innovative yet cost-effective approach. ZunSolar works on the philosophy that includes creating a culture based on establishing strong client relationships and introducing people with cutting-edge technology.


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