EAPRO EGT-6KW Grid-Tie Solar Inverter


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Product Description
  • Wider voltage range, lower starting voltage and higher conversion efficiency (Max efficiency can reach to 99%).
  • Smart grid adaptive to meet the requirement of various power grid access.
  • Aluminum casing, natural cooling, Ip65 protection level. Capacity
  • Earn money with net metering
  • Save money with lesser equipment and installation costs.
  • MPPT Based technology with wall mounted system.
  • More efficient and highly reliable.
  • Phone expert, Info expert monitoring center.
Max. DC input power (W) 7200
Max. DC input voltage (V) 900
Starting voltage(V)/Min. operation voltage(V) 220/180
MPPT Range(V)/Rated input voltage(V) 200-800/580V
Number of MPPT/String per MPPT 2/1
Max. DC current (A) Per MPPT x Number of MPPT 10X2
DC switch Optional
Rated output power (W) 6000
Max. AC output current (A) 9.6
Grid voltage range 3/PE,230/400V,(320-460V); 3/PE,220/380V,(320-460V)
Grid frequency range 50Hz(47-51.5Hz) / 60Hz(57-61.5Hz)
Power Factor -0.8-+0.8(adjustable)
THDi <3%(at rated power)
AC output 3-phase (L1, L2, L3, N, PE)/(L1, L2, L3, PE)
Cooling method Natural cooling
Max. efficiency 98.20%
Euro-efficiency 97.70%
MPPT efficiency 99.90%
Protection degree IP65
Self-consumprtion (at night) <0.5(W)
Topology Transformer less
Operating temperature range -25 C -+60 C (derate after 45 C)
Relative humidity 0-95%, no condensation
Protection PV array insulation protection, PV array leakage current protection, Ground fault monitoring, Grid monitoring, Island protection, DC monitoring, Short current protection etc.
Display 2 inches LCD Display, Support Backlit Display
Communication interface Rs485 (standard) : Wi Fi, GPRS200 (optional)
Dimension (H x W x D mm) 530 x 360 x 150
Weight (kg) 20
Installation Wall mounting


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