Microtek M-sun 2 kw On-grid Solar Inverter


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Microtek International Private Limited





Solartrade Partner
Product Description

Microtek msun solar grid tied system is a system with grid-tie functionality. It is a mppt technology based inverter that converts solar energy into electricity. In this system, battery does not connect. i.e it works during the day when sunlight is available.

In this Inverter, excess generation of electricity from solar panel will be exported to utility grid through net meter. But there is a drawback, it does not work when there is no electricity. 

Special features

  • 4 inch Digital display 
  • SD card Inside for data storage
  • wall mount 
Rated power 2 kw / 9 amps
Power factor (THD) < 3%
Efficiency 97%
Protections IP 65, Dust proof, water proof
Topology Transformer less
Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 405 * 314 * 135 mm (L *w*h)

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