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Product Description

About the product: 

This unique product is manufactured especially for small homes with minimal power consumption in their day to day life. It is one of the best branded and cost-effective products which will help to keep the energy bills under control and find rebates that save you extra.


About the brand: 

UTL offers a wide range of products including solar charge controllers, batteries, battery chargers etc. It has evolved itself into a renowned company in the field of power electronics since 1996. It has been considered as a leader and moderniser in the market when we speak about innovation. It is the one and only brand which brings together a complete range of solar solution under one roof.

Products Details

Solar Photo Voltaic Module UTL 150Wp x 2 (Polycrystalline PV 12 volt)
Inverter UTL Shamsi 675VA
Battery UTL 100Ah x 1 (Lead acid tubular 12 volt)

Technical Specification

Module Capacity 150Wp x 2
Module Technology Polycrystalline PV technology
Average Generation 1 kW Solar Plant generates 4-5 units per day
Rooftop Area Requirement 200 sq ft
Inverter Type Hybrid Inverter
Grid Input Single Phase 220 Volt AC
Inverter Technology PWM Technology
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Power Factor 0.8
Switching Elements MOSFET
Overload Capacity (IT Load Enable) >110% 3 time Auto Reset,4th time Shutdown, >150% output Goes Down
Maximum Panel Capacity 150 Wp x 2 (12V)
Max Load Capacity 400 watt
Battery Power 100 Ah x 1 (12V)
Batter Type C10 Solar Tubular Battery (Lead Acid)
Backup time in full load 4 - 5 hours

Warranty & Performance

Solar Module Life & Performance warranty 25 - 30 years
Solar Module Warranty 10 years (against manufacturing defects)
Inverter 2 years (against manufacturing defects)
Battery 5 years
Total Weight 77 KG


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