Waaree Solar Panel 395 Watt - 24 Volt Mono PERC Module (Pack of 8)

Waaree Solar Panel 395 Watt - 24 Volt Mono PERC Module (Pack of 8)

Brand: Waaree

Category: Solar Panel

Approximate Price

₹ 81,000

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Product Description

  • Superior Module Efficiency as per International Benchmarks
  • Glass with anti-reflective coating improve light transmission
  • 1500 VDC system voltage for lower BoS cost
  • Salt mist, Ammonia and Hail Resistant
  • PID Resistant with long term reliability
  • Sustain Heavy Wind & Snow loads (2400 Pa & 5400 Pa)


  • 72 (12X6) Mono PERC cell of 156.75 X 156.75 mm size
  • More area to absorb sunlight
  • Minimised micro-cracks


  • 40 mm anodized aluminium alloy: Robust protection
  • Reserved mounting holes: Easy installation


  • IP68 / Weatherproof PPO
  • Better heat dissipation, higher safety


  • Optimised cable length: Simplified wire fix
  • Reduced energy loss in cable


  • 3.2 mm Low Iron and Tempered glass with ARC coating

Technical Description

Model Arka
Wattage 395
Solar Cell Type Mono
Voltage 24
Maximum Power >250 W
Operating Voltage 24 V
Type of Solar Power Panel Mono Crystalline
Brand Waaree Solar
Country of Origin Made in India
Minimum Order Quantity 25 Watt


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