ZunSolar ZRS 40A-12/24V Solar Management Unit (SMU)



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Product Description

ZunSolar’s Solar Management Unit (SMU) can convert your simple inverter into a solar inverter. This ZRS SMU has a charging capacity of 40 amps and runs on system voltage of both 12 volts and 24 volts. It has an advanced charging process that optimizes the battery’s life and improves system performance. It also ensures priority usage of solar power over grid power to reduce grid consumption. Its inclusive electronic protection prevents damages against incorrect wiring or system faults.This SMU is a product of ZunSolar which provides people with high-quality solar solutions. ZunSolar engineers the best designs with a promise by top IITians. It has developed a reputation as a top Indian solar product company and has been revolutionizing the solar energy industry through an innovative yet cost-effective approach. ZunSolar works on the philosophy that includes creating a culture based on establishing strong client relationships and introducing people with cutting-edge technology.


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