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Job Description

Solartrade is an Indian platform that provides comprehensive solutions for local solar businesses in the renewable energy industry. The company's mission is to enhance the growth of local solar businesses and accelerate the adoption of clean energy in India. Solartrade offers free business reviews, customer relationship management tools, and site survey tools to transform businesses' operations digitally. The company is actively creating a thriving ecosystem for the renewable energy industry, providing businesses with access to a wide range of products and services, as well as a supportive community of peers and experts.

Role Description

  • As a Solar Design Engineer, you will play a crucial role in the development and implementation of solar energy projects
  • This role involves designing solar power systems, conducting feasibility studies, and ensuring that solar installations meet technical and regulatory requirements
  • The Solar Design Engineer works closely with project managers, stakeholders, and other engineering professionals.

 Key Responsibilities:

  • Site Assessment and Feasibility:Conduct site assessments to evaluate the feasibility of solar energy projects
  • Analyze solar radiation data, shading, and other factors to determine optimal system placement
  • System Design:Design solar power systems, including photovoltaic (PV) arrays, inverters, and mounting structures
  • Perform electrical and structural analysis to ensure system integrity and efficiency
  • Energy Production Modeling:Develop energy production models to estimate the output of solar systems under different conditions
  • Utilize simulation tools to optimize system performance and output
  • Regulatory Compliance:Ensure solar projects comply with local, state, and national regulations and codes
  • Prepare and submit necessary documentation for permitting and regulatory approvals
  • Technical Specifications:Develop detailed technical specifications and drawings for solar installations
  • Collaborate with procurement teams to select appropriate components and materials
  • Cost Estimation:Prepare cost estimates and budgets for solar projects, considering equipment, labor, and other expenses
  • Identify opportunities for cost optimization without compromising system performance
  • Project Collaboration:Collaborate with project managers, architects, electrical engineers, and other stakeholders throughout project lifecycle
  • Provide technical expertise and support to project teams
  • Quality Assurance:Implement quality assurance measures to ensure the reliability and longevity of solar installations
  • Conduct inspections and assessments during and after project completion.
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Solartrade Renewabletech Pvt. Ltd.

Solartrade is all-in-one solar platform that empowers local solar businesses and entrepreneurs in India. It provides a comprehensive solution for the industry, including digitization tools, business resources, and an ecosystem for collaboration and growth.