Waaree Solar Panel 335 Watt - 24 Volt Polycrystalline Module (Pack of 9)


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Product Description
  • Superior Module Efficiency as per International Benchmarks
  • Positive Power Tolerance 0/+ 5W
  • PID Free Modules with long term reliability
  • Glass with Anti Reflective Coating Improves light transmission
  • Salt mist, Ammonia, Blowing Sand and Hail Resistant
  • Sustain Heavy Wind & Snow loads (2400 Pa & 5400 Pa)
  • System voltage: 1500VDC to reduce the BOS cost
  • Modules binned by current to improve system performance

Electrical Characteristics

Pmax (W) 335
Vmp (V) 38.10
Imp (A) 8.80
Isc (A) 9.30
Voc (V) 46.80
Module Eff. (%) 17.26

Mechanical Characteristics

Length x Width x Thickness (L x W x T) - mm 1960 x 990 x 40
Mounting Holes Pitch (Y) – mm 1060
Mounting Holes Pitch (X) – mm 942
Weight (kg) 22.5
Solar Cells per Module (Units) / Arrangement 72 / (12*6)
Solar Cell Type Poly crystalline Silicon
Front Cover (Material / Thickness) Tempered & Low Iron Glass, 3.2/4mm
Encapsulate Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Frame Material Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Junction Box IP67 rated enclosure with 3 bypass diodes Rated voltage : 1500VDC
Connector MC4 compatible or IP67 rated
Cable 4 mm cross section, 1200 mm long
Fire safety class C
Application class A
Safety class II

Temperature Coefficients And Operating Conditions

Temperature coefficient of Current α (%/°C) 0.0051
Temperature coefficient of Voltage ß (%/°C) -0.2775
Temperature coefficient of Power γ (%/°C) -0.3859
NOCT (°C) 46 + 2
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -40 to 85
Maximum System Voltage (IEC& UL) 1500VDC

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